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Concluding, we can say that the Italian version is an example of excellent translation and dubbing, as names show. Surely, the translators increased the success that this animated cartoon had. Skip to content. Case Studies. Facebook-f Linkedin Twitter Youtube.

The Aristocats

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The Aristocats - Wikiquote

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The Numbers. Retrieved January 10, December 26, The Disney Films. Rotten Tomatoes. Retrieved September 27, Retrieved June 14, The Sherman Brothers. Meanwhile, director Wolfgang Reitherman learned of the project and suggested it as a follow-up project to Jungle Book. Because of the production delays, Tytle was advised to centralize his efforts on live action projects and was replaced by Winston Hibler. In , Disney assigned Ken Anderson to determine whether Aristocats would be suitable for an animated feature.

With occasional guidance from Reitherman, Anderson worked from scratch and simplified the two stories into a story that focused more on the cats. Walt saw the preliminary sketches and approved the project shortly before his death. After The Jungle Book was completed, Walt and his team began work on Aristocats , which was still on after Walt's death.

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Hibler was eventually replaced by Reitherman, who would abandon the more emotional story of Duchess's obsession to find adopters befitting of her kittens' talents initially favored by Walt suggesting instead the film be conceived as an adventure comedy in the vein of One Hundred and One Dalmatians. Furthermore, the character Elvira , the maid, who was intended to be voiced by Elsa Lanchester, was removed from the story placing Edgar as the central antagonist in order to better simplify the storyline. As with The Jungle Book , the characters were patterned on the personalities of the voice actors.

Louis Armstrong was initially reported to voice Scat Cat, but he backed out of the project in for unknown reasons. Out of desperation, Scatman Crothers was hired to voice the character under the direction to imitate Armstrong. Pat Buttram and George Lindsey were cast as the farm dogs, which proved so popular with the filmmakers that another scene was included to have the dogs when Edgar returns to the farm to retrieve his displaced hat and umbrella.

Ken Anderson spent eighteen months developing the design of the characters. Five of Disney's legendary "Nine Old Men" worked on it, including the Disney crew that had been working 25 years on average. The Aristocats premiered on December 11th, and released in theaters on December 24th that same year.

The Aristocats Live-Action Remake In Development At Disney

The film was then re-released to theaters on December 19, , and April 10, The Aristocats had its Gold Collection disc quietly discontinued in A new single-disc Special Edition DVD previously announced as a 2-Disc set was released on February 5, , with the original matted aspect ratio of 1. The film debuted on Blu-ray August 7, , this time with a 1. The Aristocats II was supposed to be a direct-to-video sequel to this film. It was scheduled to be released in , but the production was canceled in early after Disney acquired Pixar and canceled all other planned direct-to-video sequels.

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Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. The Disney Wiki has a collection of images and media related to The Aristocats. Whenever The Aristocats was supposed to be released on Home Video